Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I have been serving as a Relief Society Advisor at the University Singles ward for 2 years and 3 months!
I loved every minute of it, but I knew it would end.
And it
Boo Hoo!
I served with the Bishopric,
 The High councilman
I loved the kids in the ward like my own, and you know how much I love my kids - A Lot!
The first ward I was in the kids were amazing and so was the Bishopric and the High councilman. I was asked to change wards and I cried.  I was sure that this was a unique special ward and no other would be like it! 
But the next ward was the same!
Amazing kids and Leadership!
Then there were lots of changes and I was involved with yet another Bishopric, kids and High councilman!
Once again I just knew that the 3rd time it would be different.
it was just as good!
You know why! 
The leadership were dedicated and loving,
the kids today are
People would say, these kids must really need you - no I needed them!
The world is in good hands!

I also made some Forever Friends!
The Stake Young Women Presidency
The advisors who served in the other singles wards!
We laughed together,
A Lot!
and cryed together,
for joy!

I am grateful for this opportunity and for all I learned.

The one thing that is constant in the church is change,
and I am on to my next adventure and calling,
And it will be good too!
and my new calling has been busy, and that is why I am a bad blogger!


Angie in Wyo said...

Glad you loved your calling so much. That is good to hear. So.....what is your new calling??

Kaija said...

I can't believe your GONE! I guess I am too though. Life takes us every which way doesn't it. And you are TOTALLY lying....WE needed YOU. Seriously Melanie. Seriously. You are a close friend who I was totally supposed to meet! Yep I have been "changed for good." And on your picture....did you mean the stake Relief Society Pres....cause if you meant the other, your picture would be there :) Even though we never see eachother.....we're still close friend right?? So glad you're a part of my life! Congrats on your new calling....I am totally NOT surprised though! Pretty soon you'll be on the General board!

Chelle said...

I've missed you in blog land. I love to check your blogs!

carnahan said...

you do know your the greatest, and I agree about the general board