Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shed a Tear!

How come I am attached to things, and have a hard time letting things go? Our Mazda Protege has been a gem of a car. However, it was 6 years old, had 140,000 miles. The back door lock didn't work, the radio was not clear after a wreck (not Jays fault), the check engine light was on, even after many visits to be checked. This car was NOISY on the freeway, but it was Paid for! When we pulled out of the Subaru Dealership in our new car. I shed a tear leaving the Protege sitting in the parking lot! WHY?

Oh Heck - Lets enjoy the new ride.

P.S. All of our kids, had nicer cars than us! I said ALL our kids!


Paige said...

I bawled when we drove away and left my neon behind. we're weirdos!

Morgan Greaves said... do you like it now it's been awhile? I see why we don't like change at all. We get if from someone :)

Erin said...

Is it weird that I shed a few tears over selling my leather couches...what is wrong with us?